HS^2 Update

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Re: HS^2 Update

Post by bersona3 » Fri Nov 06, 2020 5:51 pm

this ones ok. art's stellar as always, pretty consistently the best part about these things.

i'm sure people have put it better and more eloquently than me, but i guess it's just like... yeah, ok, thats fine i guess? like this is certainly an update that happened. finally seeing candy karkat was cool, i like his design a lot, but other than that theres nothing particularly exciting here. yep, things still suck ass for our good friend john egbert. i dont even know how to feel. sucks to be him i guess? thats what it feels like for him at this point. genuinely other than the bomb hitting johns house when was the last time we got an update where something actually happened and we were able to see it and it wasnt just sitting around talking

karkat is right though to finally talk about how people only ever seem to connect him to dave anymore. making him into an uwu softboy dave accessory was and still is the worst shit ever

and dont forget. theres important things happening. (that we don't get to see ever)

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