Leitmotif Timestamps team project — welcoming anyone interested!

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Leitmotif Timestamps team project — welcoming anyone interested!

Post by florrie » Sat Aug 29, 2020 4:28 pm

For avoiding redundancy, I'm just going to paste the introduction message I sent in the r/homestuck subreddit~


Hi! As someone with a long-time hobby for researching Homestuck music, I've always had a pretty big interest in the leitmotifs and references in tracks in particular. One of the original purposes of the wiki I developed (forum thread!) was actually to organize reference data in an explorable way; in large part thanks to resources like NSND and various contributors, it's a pretty extensive resource today.

But the wiki's always been missing just one thing: when those references and leitmotifs play. No doubt tracks like Creata and Descend are fascinating for the way they collage so many leitmotifs, but the fact is, plenty of curious music-explorers just don't have the time or familiarity to appreciate the ways those musicians stitch tunes together.

That's where this project, and of course, you, prospective curious reader, come in: this document outlines a collaborative project where we'll listen through the entire Homestuck discography and work as a team to catalogue the timestamp data for each and every leitmotif we can piece out. It's a big project, so I'm hoping to find at least a couple folk interested in lending their hand!

All the info's in the doc, but here's a quick TL;DR: each track and leitmotif will be getting at least two sets of ears listening. We're entering all the timestamp data in a handy automated Google spreadsheet (so you'll need a Google account), and will be communicating to get the job done better through a team Discord (you'll need an account there too). If you've got both those accounts ready, some familiarity with the HS discography (especially if there are any favorite albums you've spent a lot of time listening to), and a willingness to work as part of both a team and a small community, you're all set to help out. Zero expectations for how much work you get done; it's a contributed-as-you're-interested sort of project!

Feel totally free to let me know if you've got any questions; I'm happy to answer. Hope to see you there!
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