HSETAU Classpects: The card game

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HSETAU Classpects: The card game

Post by FlaringK » Tue Oct 20, 2020 12:24 am

Inspired by (and image by) HSTEAU by calamityCons

Heya! Since I've made the classpect cards available to download for everyone I figured I might as well try to make the actual game their based off of from the HSETAU comic. The rules I've made up are probably not balanced in anyway so I was hoping on getting some help on balancing and adding. The dev document is here if anyone wants to check out my thought process, but for now here's what I've come up with so far:

HS Classpects: The card game (V0.1)

The ‘lore’ of the game is that four groups of players compete to create a universe, and they’re all in the same session. The goal of the game is to obtain the genesis frog (represented by the token), which has already been made. The catch is there’s only one frog, and the players must fight over who has it. It should also be noted that the cards are different from the cards in the download, each card will have their aspect symbol on the back of them, which will make the aspect visible when viewing someone's hand, but not the class.

To win the game, a player must obtain the frog, and hold onto it for 4(?) turns in a row (Not sure about this, have to play test)

The game starts out with each player having four cards from the deck of 144 classpects and the frog token at the center of the table. Each round has two phases: The entry phase, and the strifing phase

The Entry phase

Player's play down one card face down from their hand in front of them, this space will hence froth be referred to as their 'land' and pick up a new one so they always have 4 cards in their hand. Lands can hold up to 12 cards, but players cannot play a card if the aspect they play is the same as an aspect that's already on their land. For example two breath cards cannot be played at once, but two mages can.

The Strife phase

Next, in some order (To be determined), each player use each card, to either Strife, or activate a Class power.

When cards strife, they are flipped over revealing their class. Who wins the strife is dependant on their aspect and their class rank (Shown on the cards as the ranks 1 to queen)
  • When strifing a card with the same aspect, or a card with an adjacent aspect according to the aspect wheel, the card with the highest rank wins
  • When strifing a card of the opposite aspect, or the opposite’s adjacent aspects, the card with the lowest rank wins
  • A strife with any other aspect will result in a draw
The losing card of the strife is discarded into a discard pile

Class Powers
The class powers work in pairs, each pair of classes have a power. When a card's class power is activated, it's flooped, or flipped 90 degrees. When a card activates it's power, it can't do it again for the rest of the game (Unless an heir or witch gets to them). Class powers can only effect cards that are the same aspect, or are up to 3 adjacent aspects in each direction (So the furthest power breath could effect would be time and space)
  • Heirs and Witches: Manipulate: Unfloop a card
  • Seers & Mages: Learn: Make a player flip all their cards in play
  • Knights & Pages: Serve: Turn over and floop an opponent's card without triggering a class power
  • Rogues & Thieves: Steal: Take a card from another’s hand and place it into play in your own land
  • Princes & Bards: Destroy: Reshuffles up to 4 cards of an opponent's hand into the deck
  • Maids & Sylphs: Create: Pulls the top card of the deck into play on your land (if the card can be effected) OR look at the next one and pull that in, repeating until there's one that can be effected
The Genisis frog

At the end of each round, the frog is delegated to the player with the highest combined rank (Princes being 11 and Sylphs being 12) excluding the unturned cards

That's all i've got so far, I need help on deciding if individual aspects would also have powers and how to decide the order of players. Feedback is appreciated! :apple:
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Re: HSETAU Classpects: The card game

Post by calamityCons » Wed Oct 21, 2020 1:09 pm

I continue to be supremely flattered that my work inspired you so much, you are amazing and I love you ;w;
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