In witch we discuss our own classpects

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In witch we discuss our own classpects

Post by MP the OP OG » Wed Dec 30, 2020 10:20 am

You could argue that this is an overlap between the already present classpect discussion thread but I see that thread as more of a discussion of the general characteristic of someone with said classpect or what their journey might be. This is more for talking about how your classpect affects you personally, why you think your classpect fits you, and what your SBURB powers would be.

For example, I am a mage of light. I see the light aspect as fitting me as I am an infamous overthinker, and while I may not care about much traditional knowledge I love to psychoanalyze things and synthesize social situations and think of what I could say to get the best result. I also fancy myself as somewhat of a political philosopher and a normal philosopher.

For mage while I'm not the rush in headfirst type I also like to get shit done right away or manipulate other people into doing it as soon as possible. I would say I tend to look at the bigger picture. My aspect also seems to guide me in random bursts of good luck and an instinct for picking the right answer even if I don't fully understand the subject. But it also burdens me by giving me bad luck when doing things like playing video games and I often feel annoyed at people who lack the knowledge I do or the fact that I cannot act upon my ideas.

For powers, I think it's very simple because my classpect is simply an active mirror of Rose's, I think while Rose's focuses on the bigger picture mine would more of help me in the now by telling me how to effectively use whatever I have to survive and put me in the most optimal situation, it would probably also guide me by giving me powerful capha codes for alchemy and guiding me to the most powerful item combos
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Re: In witch we discuss our own classpects

Post by javitaxy » Mon Jan 04, 2021 12:14 pm

I think this is quite interesting. Specially since everyone experiences their own classpect differently, so sometimes no ammount of theory can reach what we each understand about our own aspects, since only us can get it.

My classpect is Mage of Heart, and even though I've met a lot of Heart players, I feel like having the heart aspect means something a bit different to each of us. Yes, it means feelings, emotions and love as many know. But for me is most closely linked to the ego and self, to who I am. In terms of canon heart players, I feel closer to Dirk (even though Meulin herself is also a Mage), maybe because we see his struggle with who he is/his splinters/etc. Anything I learn is through and about myself.

As a Mage, I feel like it fits since I like to know about things, and used to consider myself a rational person. I don't think my knowledge process is seer-like, since I learn best through experiencing things. I guess I do suffer from myself and my feelings, but no more than any other person (I think?). I question what I want for myself and who I am, what my feelings mean, and I've come pretty far. When I help people though, it's sometimes hard for me to put myself in their shoes. I kinda need to project myself into their situation and can only really help when I've gone through something similar.

I think the knowledge part and stuff comes from me being a heir of mind when I was way younger (I don't know much about classpect inverting but hmm). I used to believe feelings and developing a personality was stupid, since rationally it was meaningless, worhtless. I now know that feelings and a concept of self is probably the most important part of a person who has a sense of existence and ego.

I dunno how powers would work. I guess a better/faster knowledge of other people and their nature, being able to change myself/how I present myself to others better, a more tangible outside projection, maybe being able to change other's personality as well? I don't know really, hahaha.
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Re: In witch we discuss our own classpects

Post by terezis_gay_lusus » Fri May 21, 2021 12:59 pm

My classpect is the Thief of Light, and I think it fits me very well.
I've always had an instinctual attraction to the Light aspect, because I have a drive toward learning and knowledge. I almost view it as a competition, of who around me can have more Light than me, and how I can one up them.
One cool thing about me having a classpect seen in canon is that it is very clear what my abilities would be, even though I definitely prefer looking into my classpect on a level of my personality rather than my powers, you know?
But I love my classpect!
I am very much a Thief, even though it took me some time to realize it. For a while, I believed I was more of a destructive class, but then I realized that I wasn't necessarily destroying anything; just taking it for myself.
So I can see myself stealing peoples' knowledge every once in a while, stealing their Light, per say. Such as by cheating on tests, or taking homework answers. I also like to cheat at coin flips, stealing others' Light in the form of luck. (I don't have powers obviously, I just have ways of knowing exactly what side the coin is on.)
I could also steal peoples' knowledge by persuading them to tell me secrets, "stealing" the truth from them and just keeping it to myself.
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Re: In witch we discuss our own classpects

Post by ghostyTrickster » Fri May 28, 2021 6:36 am

hey, this is a really cool thread! i'm a huge classpects nerd in general and while i don't infodump or try to classpect people as much as i used to because i've grown older and more tired, i'm still very into them!

i'm a sylph of heart myself. i actually got heart on the ezodiac (i don't really recommend using this as a definitive answer, but it points you in the right direction most the time), but only after taking it like a billion times to make sure i got the most accurate answer. i was bouncing back and forth between heart and blood and figured from the preview description that what i was doing was prettyyy hearty, so i ended up going with that and when i read the entire description everything just clicked and i suddenly understood so much about myself and why i do the things i do.

but it took me awhile to figure out what my class was because, well, that's not the easiest thing for someone to figure out right? especially with no canon test or descriptions, unlike with the aspects. it requires a lot of introspection and overanalyzing your own actions, and for awhile i lacked a lot of confidence when it came to classpecting because if i couldn't even figure out my OWN class, how was i supposed to be able to figure out someone else's? which in hindsight is pretty sylphy of me, heh.

anyway, i kind of defaulted to heir of heart for awhile but it never felt accurate to me, i just knew i was something else but i didn't know what. and then i just kind of, had an epiphany in the shower early last year and realized that i'm a sylph? which is hilarious because that was like the number 1 class i didn't want to be. i think everyone sees sylphs as being very soft-hearted and kind because their "thing" is healing (a lot of people seem to self-id as sylphs of heart because they like helping their friends with their feelings uwu), but sylphs are usually very overbearing and control freakish when they try to "help" and they feel like they know what's best for everybody. i know another sylph (of hope; this is a pretty bad combination) irl and he's one of the most frustrating people i know.

in combination, sylph of heart translates to "healer of souls" or "helper of self"; the latter is a lot more applicable to me, but then again none of us are playing sburb so no one is really able to use their cool magic superpowers irl. "heal" is the sylph's canonical keyword, but i think "help" and "improve" are very good words that provide a lot more insight. me trying to help others through analyzing people's personalities and motivations is a good example of how this manifests for me?

i was going to type more but i'm really drowsy, which is probably a good thing.

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Re: In witch we discuss our own classpects

Post by TantamountTurnabout » Tue Jun 01, 2021 11:08 pm

Back in the day I believe I picked up the Heir of Hope from some sort of randomizer as part of a homestuck themed ARG. As good a reason as any to choose a classpect i supposed.
From what I recall from discussions back then, people thought the Heir was a class that was protected by their aspect, as John was protected by the wind on LOWAS, as opposed to say a Knight who protects others by wielding their aspect. Over time this shifted to one who Inherits or Becomes their aspect, as John could become one with the wind and become intangible. Not sure where the contemporary discourse went in the mean time but I like the idea of both being a part of the class, being protected by one's aspect as they gain proficiency, mastery, and finally, Unity with it.

As for Hope, it tends to be represented as sort of a manifestation of belief, self-certainty and faith made manifest as a physical force. I suppose it could also refer to a subtler, more literal interpretation, as the belief in a positive outcome even in the most dire of circumstances (though i suppose that starts getting into Light territory, as it deals with chance. Although where Light is based around the manipulation of fortune, Hope would be more believing in a miracle regardless of the odds).

A fun character based manifestation of this could be a starting with a character who's naturally optimistic, and then force them to test their faith. Throw them into impossible situations, make them the victim of bad luck, struggles they can't surmount, incredibly dangerous scenarios that they barely scrape through by the skin of their teeth. As their trials and frustrations test their optimistic nature, they lose faith in "things turning alright in the end," and they start to doubt, well, everything. They consider if their journey even has a purpose, or if the most successful future doesn't have them in it, focusing on all the bad and negative. And then having them discover that, for all they had to face, they did survive. There was a slim chance they could even have gotten as far as they could, and yet here they were. Every failure or fluke, and they were still around. In every hopeless situation there was an answer; quick thinking, help from friends, or just dumb luck (kinda lets us work in a retroactive Protection By Hope thing, where hope was present, even if they couldn't recognize it). By coming to terms with the difficult trials ahead, the reality of their situation, and remaining Hope ful, they're no longer simple optimistic out of ignorance or naivete but out of choice, Out of faith, connecting them with their Aspect.
As for inheriting or becoming Hope, in a more powers-centric way and not just narratively, hmm. Perhaps similarly to Jake creating his ghost of Dirk, other players could summon or interact with the Heir simply by believing in them? Their belief, their Hope, becoming the very Heir they were focusing on? Has a fun religious angle too, in which the Heir can literally hear and answer "prayers", which works with the christian imagery motif they tend to carry (angels and churches on eridan's planet, the symbol is a pair of white wings, etc).

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Re: In witch we discuss our own classpects

Post by lavendersiren » Fri Jun 18, 2021 7:36 pm

Finally somebody else who remembers sbarg in some manner!

I got Mage of Light from the v1 random generator and got prince of time from the v2 random generator. I vibe with the former a LOT more than the latter, especially considering how much I like to infodump on cool things. I like the time aspect, but I don't like the idea of destroying it, and most ways I destroy time are either a lot more passive than an explicitly active class would entail, or manifests largely in personally undesired ways.

When I took the really long classpect test, I managed to get sylph of light, light for my apparent honesty, and sylph for my creative leanings. I didn't like how I got pigeonholed by the method that test determined class, especially considering it seemed very much constrained by the limited understanding of classes in general.

Ironically, sylph class wound up being best fitting anyways.

Later on, when the officially endorsed test showed up, I wound up being given the space aspect, and at some point found sylph as a good pair to it. I love worldbuilding and storytelling and being able to just sorta build my own spaces. I also tend to be a bit distant at times and get pretty lonely. The sylph class for me I feel has a focus on the "fixing" part, and an interpretation of passive as "does things behind the scenes". My ongoing fix-it fic feels relevant to this to a degree.

Honestly, either space or light could work for me and I'd be just fine either way.

I see mythological roles as a lens by which to view a person through, and that some lenses show more relevant things than others, but it is very likely that more than one can potentially become relevant. These roles I feel were designed for particular narrative directions, which may not work the best for actual people and dynamic characters, due to the limiting nature of any particular classpect combination. Like sure, they can be stretched, but at what point does a label become merely for its own sake? What happens when a person attaches their identity to something that they wind up naturally drifting away from, especially considering that in-comic a mythological role is considered an integral part of a player's destiny?
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