Dream SMP

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Dream SMP

Post by jelliesandwich » Thu Sep 30, 2021 12:05 am

hello its me ellie spaghetti

what is dream smp? what is life? what is twitter? is chris pratt really playing mario? these are the things you dont know but i do know. i will tell you but you have to listen closeley

dreamsmp all starts with tommyinnit. tommy is basically tom cruise for minecrafters, he showed up as a teen, changed the game, starred in a multi million dollar movie, and then said some stupid shit but no one actually cares.

he showed up and was like "hi dream im tommy i hate your rules" also for those of you who dont know who dream is hes this green fuck who cheated in minecraft once like a stupid idiot and now he speedruns persona 5 and is probably homophobic its hard to keep up. so dream was like "no wtf" so tommy was like "ok come try and get my discs green boy" and then dream did bc hes the best minecraft speedrunner (cheater) and he got the discs and then it became like the whole plot. tommy wanted his discs back bc its like how hes gonna propose to his best friend tub? so tommyinnit started like fighting dream all the time but it didnt work and he couldnt get the discs back.

so thats like the first month of dream smp then this guy called soothouse comes on and hes like "tommy we gotta do breaking bad" so tommy does breaking bad with him and they start selling drugs but then they make their own nation out of it or something? its called lmanburg because theyre all sexist and hate women you can tell because name one woman on minecraft dream smp? so then dream is like ">:(((( wtf u cant do ur own nation i own this server i pay the 24 dollars a month for it you dont do that I DO with the money i made from the LGBTQ community." and then they all start fighting eachother and its really intense and then at somepoint SAD comes along and is like "wow im gonna singlehandedly make this good" and drops this cool animation and everyones like WOAHHHH WHATHT EHT TUFUFUCJKCKCKKXA CAKHDSKAHD KAHJASKAZA and they just go crazy for it and now dream smp is popular now.

uh in the end tommy somehow gets his discs back but then gives them back to dream for the nation to stay as a thing because dream is such a good cheater at minecraft you cant beat him normally.

then jschlatt comes on and is like "wow i really hate minecraft and this server and its story is stupid im gonna fuck with you guys" and then got elected president and just started spewing bullshit and so soothouse and tom cruise got exiled and start doing shit and soothouse is like "im gonna blow it all up tom cruise." and tom cruise is like "soothouse no you cant dothat. i cant. i wont let you. also look at this pig guy we found whos really cool and definitely wont be evil later"

so yeah theres this new guy called pig guy whos really cool and definitely wont be evil later. we are gonna call him

so soothouse starts going crazy and is like "im gonna blow it all up guys im gonna blow up the nation we made, tom cruise" and tom cruise is like "you cant do that soothouse wtf dont do it" but pig guy whos really cool adn deifnintly wnt be evil later is like "you gotta blow it all up man"

so soothouse blows it all up and also tubs stomach pain releaver dies and then soothouse gets killed by his own dad and we were all like "wtf wtf wtf" it was pretty cool

then this guy called ranboobs shows up by being a tiny tik toker who says hes gonna take over dream smp and gets on because he got lucky and was noticed by a big creator. i mean he earned it mad respect but like we have to admit that the system in place on twitch and youtube only makes the rich richer and in order to grow so fast you need to be lifted by some big guy makes the amount of effort you put into your work meaningless and then ranboobs and pig guy and dad start living in the winter because theyre evil now which kinda sucks but i mean who saw that coming right?

dream dies

tom cruise and tubs stomach releaver get married or some shit idk i stopped watching around here mods please dont delete this for being unfunny and a shit post or maybe do delete it actually i put too much effort into this to just delete it maybe you gotta save me from embarrasing myself

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Re: Dream SMP

Post by rookie1978 » Fri Nov 12, 2021 9:48 pm

I do not like the Dream SMP.

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