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Forum Moderation Structure

Post by classpectanon » Sun Nov 10, 2019 9:26 pm

Howdy folks. Here is the organizational pyramid being established here at HomestuckXYZ.


Administrator : This is me. I can do literally everything on this site.
-Global Moderator : Global Moderators have as much power as I do when it comes to moderatory actions forum-wide.
--Category Moderator : Like a Global Moderator but for a category.
---Forum Moderator : Like a Category Moderator but for a single forum or subforum.
----Babymod : Like a Forum Moderator, but only able to handle thread management, not banning or disciplinary actions.
-----Poweruser : A user with access to a hidden forum that gives them higher priority reports. Poweruser status is doled out on basis of being a model citizen, and is strictly anonymous. If you reveal that you are a Poweruser, you will have the status revoked.

The moderator pipeline exists to shuttle quality users up to their level of desired moderatorship. Exemplary behavior will get you an invite into the Poweruser program, and from there, you can work your way to Babymod, Forum Mod, etc.

If you volunteer to moderate you are immediately disqualified from becoming a moderator until we decide otherwise.

All moderator actions are publically logged, including rationale, so as to keep us accountable. I have keys for this entire website, and I am unbannable. If a mod is pulling shit, do not be afraid to pull rank and contact me about it directly.
I'm more easily reached at classpectanon#4228 on Discord. I will respond to reports faster there because PHPBB's notification system is borked and doesn't email me when you report things.

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