Tales from Sburbia - A Human Fan Session

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Re: Tales from Sburbia - A Human Fan Session

Post by VASKA » Sun Dec 22, 2019 11:20 pm

==> Niva: Ascend to Highest point of building

You climb the steps up to the roof of your apartment complex. Man, you really wish there was like, some kind of cool music to go with this. It really sucks being stuck within the confines of a textual medium sometimes.

Reaching the roof, you see what all the hub bub was about: three neckbeards lay bleeding on the rooftop. Broken glass covers the floor. "Boogie Woogie Woo" plays quietly. The houston sky is singed red by a monstrous sun. Alex Jones is on the TV.

It's your sister, in her camo pants and stained wifebeater. She's been convinced the apocalypse has been right around the corner for some time now, and has begun doing weekly "Alex Jones Asshole Jams" to get the local preppers in Armageddon shape. She tried to train you, but you never really took an interest to it. Frankly, you find it hard to believe that the powers that be would pull the plug anytime soon, interdimensional alien politics be damned.

But it seems that today she has encouragement for you. Your copies of the game are sitting on top of the TV. She squares up.

You equip your bow and harmless shoot over her head. You've never been much good with that thing.

Your sis approaches menacingly. You switch the bow out for the other card in your strifedeck. You've always been better with staffkind, anyway.

It's said that a battle between two amateurs can take hours, but a battle between two masters is determined in moments. If that is true, then you must be a martial elite, as you are thoroughly trounced in a matter of seconds. Sis lowers you onto the floor as gently as a kitten, though, and is gone before you can get up.
==> Collect Game
You store the game in your alchemy modus. It's an easy to use but inefficient setup. You can store as many items as you want in the modus, but in order to retrieve anything you must sacrifice another item in the modus of equal or greater value. If you try to sacrifice something of lesser value, it's still destroyed but you don't get your desired item out, and if you sacrifice something of too high a value the modus violently ejects several random items.

Right now you have four BEAUTIFULLY PAINTED FIGURINES, a BAG OF COOL RANCH DORITOS, and two tubes of FACEPAINT, one in white and one in black. After the game is captchalogued, you have three remaining empty cards.
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Re: Tales from Sburbia - A Human Fan Session

Post by egg » Wed Dec 25, 2019 12:48 pm

(( Don't mind me, just doing transcription work for AE as they have been busy with Christmas ))
A young PALEONTOLOGIST I mean ATHLETE is standing in his room. Today April 13th, 2009 is a REMARKABLE day! Yes, today is the day his PACKAGES would get to his friends. They all held a NEW GAME for all of them to play, he COULDNT STAND the thought of not being able to play together so he made sure those who couldnt get THE GAME would. Anyhow, This boy has a name like any other person would have at his age. His name is CANE LUDSON

Currently, his room is a bit of a CLUTTERED MESS but he enjoys calling it CONTROLLED CHAOS. STITCHED TOGETHER jerseys lay strewn about, his OWN CREATIONS. POSTERS of ROLE MODELS are all along the walls. Jon Bon Jovi of the titular band Bon Jovi is an ICON. Truly Living on a Prayer shaped a generation, well thats what HIS DAD says anyway. Oh but the real HERO is ALAN GRANT of JURASSIC PARK fame, his FAVORITE MOVIE. What a DEPENDABLE LEADER he was, staying calm in the face of T-Rex and mad scientists.

Along with his rather PASSIONATE love for classics and their STARRING ROLES, he enjoys doing things for HIS FATHER. Whether that be JOINING A TEAM, or PICKING UP A HABIT hes glad to help make his dad even a little less stressed! He worked so hard to BRING THE TWO OF THEM to this ISLAND and then to put him onto all those teams and get him an education, man WHAT CANT HE DO! His dad, according to him, is amazing but lets really get some FACTS on the BOY HIMSELF.
Well, he LOVES HIS FRIENDS dearly and enjoys conversing with them whenever he finds the time too though that seems to be scarce nowadays. He LOVES DRAWING his PALEO-ART, specfically, though HED NEVER ADMIT TO BEING ANY GOOD. His Father says hes a GREAT ATHLETE but he doesnt notice his TEAMS HARDWORK at all! Almost as if LOOKING FOR A DISTRACTION on telling you about himself, his eyes dart to his computer. Haha of course he shouldnt be DILLYDALLYING he needs to see if he was right on someone not getting the game! And they just so happen to be online what luck! Well guess you're not getting much else outta this guy as he sits down and begins typing to this Other Person....

>Other person: For the sake of convenience, introduce yourself.

A young MASTER SCULPTOR stands in his room. But not today. Today a MERE NOVICE stands in his room, surrounded by an absolutely IRREPARABLE MESS, like always. This day, April 13th, 2009, is an absolutely DREARY day. As ever. Another day to slip through his fingers. But not if it takes it with a STEEL GRIP. The boy's name is ERIC BARNETT, and he is rather bored.

At his feet lay innumerable PIECES OF STATUES PAST. All of his own CREATION, of course. Various MATERIALS used for statues of various CREATURES and OBJECTS, from vases to beasts to man, though the REMAINS make it hard to tell what is what. Sparse yet difficult to miss are COMPUTER PARTS and distinctly different MECHANICAL COMPONENTS, largely concentrated around his WORKBENCH. These are tributes from his BROTHER, a MASTER ENGINEER who rarely shows his ugly mug around the APARTMENT but regularly delivers rations using FLYING DRONES and other ROBOTIC BULLSHIT.

Besides this, the decoration is MINIMAL bordering on ASCETIC. The paint on the wall is DRAB and CHIPPING AWAY, with the only remaining pieces of furniture left unmentioned being his SMALL BED, DESK, and DESKTOP COMPUTER. All of these items appear to be HANDMADE and of EXCELLENT CRAFTSMANSHIP, which is enough to permit their existence.

Having recently shattered his latest IMPERFECT MASTERPIECE, he sits on his bed until a notification from his computer breaks the uncomfortable silence.
Show Pesterlog
-- irreverantDeviser [ID] has begun pestering immaculateDeception [ID2] --
ID: what is uuuup my ID brother : D!!
ID: how goes it i hope my message finds you well! i just had a biiiit of a weird question to ask
ID: well a series of weird questions that arent that weird because it is kind of a big deal that ive been preparing for, for months now <: )!
ID: im sure with your mind and my pestering you've heard about that hip new game thats comin out soon! y'know about SBURB right? :?
ID: Errrr not soon also not soon, its out now my guy!!
ID: and i had a hunch that you werent planning to get it, were you now :3c????

ID2: It would be hard for me not to have heard about the game given your seemingly endless chatter about it though I cannot say that it hasn't got me somewhat interested though I haven't heard much of what it's actually about
ID2: To answer your question no it wasn't exactly on the agenda, I suppose I could task my brother with it but I imagine that since you have contacted me and supplied me with a few silly yet mildly excited emoticons that you have some sort of plan going on here
ID2: You say it's out now, did it happen to release today?

ID: im glad my talking gets through the articulate thoughts of an intellectual my man c:!
ID: but yes!!! yes its out today and i think youd be a bit surprised by this next statement my good ol pal : )
ID: just saying my mildly excited emoticons do not convey my intense excitement over being able to play with you and everyone : D!!
ID: oh my bad that was not the statement, bit of a spoiler haha, its this one! you should keep an eye on your mail my friend ive sent you a package with the new cool game inside : D, y'know, so we could all partake in such a extravagant piece of technology!!
ID: as friends and such!!!

ID2: Flattery will get you nowhere though I suppose statements of fact will so that is a fine observation
ID2: I'll watch out for my brother's obnoxious drones then as those will likely be bringing along whatever package you have sent my way, though I admit that at this point I am left with more questions
ID2: Who else will be playing and what kind of game is this anyway?

ID: thats fine to have questions i havent really been explaining much!!
ID: im preeeetty sure everyones coming along, i know for a fact Drew and Luke are gonna get their hands on it
ID: Luke is especially prepared im sure, its reviews would peak the interest of a journalist like him : )

ID2: Ah right and I'm sure RS will be chatting about it on his cacophonous blog as always, fair enough it might be nice to have my inevitable stream of victories listed out for his fanbase to see though of course such petty musings are beneath me
ID2: Which leads me to point out that you have avoided the question with admirable deftness though not quite well enough to put me off target, I assume this is some sort of competitive game or something to that effect?

ID: well uuuhhh thats the thing its because i dont really know exactly, sorry :/
ID: ik 2 people, a server n client, are paired to get all up in it. but whether your on teams or not must be up to the players??
ID: which, id say, we're all on a team : D!!!
ID: the reviews claim some pretty ludicrous stuff if i do say so myself my man, but i think it'd be pretty fun no matter how it turns out!!
ID: yk too have an activity that can fit all of us despite the distance, how awesome! right my dude? : )
ID: tho idk about how seamlessly your stream of victories will display in this particular game im sure they will not go unnoticed if thats what you want my guy <: )!!

ID2: Interesting well knowing these guys I feel like we're all going to be on a team which is good enough I can show these kids true gaming prowess firsthand then, what kinds of things have the reviews been claiming?
ID2: Guess it doesn't really matter what kind of game it is I'm sure I'll figure it out when I get my hands on it

ID: well i think Luke would put it down as 'paranormal' honestly
ID: though my Dad says thats not sensible to think about so im sure its just a little trippy maybe?
ID: nothing to worry about my dude we really should experience it firsthand! if we're just getting on it im sure AE is elbow deep in this gamer gunk!

ID2: Ah yeah if SC is in then no wonder Cole wouldn't be far behind
ID2: Alright I'm in, gonna school this punk once and for all in this game no matter what it is, hopefully not some bullshit mystery game about inane riddles else he might actually stand a chance
ID2: Normally I'd say screw your dad but when it comes to something actually being paranormal and SC investigating it chances are it's just fakey fake garbage

ID: haha come on my guy my Dad aint bad <: /
ID: he was nice enough to let me get all these packages delivered, after i did what he asked of course!! c:
ID: besides that, you and cole are craaazy smart! im sure you'll both do fantastic
ID: remember if we're gonna be on a team, theres no need to compete!! we can all just kick ass together and score a win! : D!!!!!
ID: you can even ask if your brother wants to play!
ID: ik how ummmm aloof, he can be haha but maybe he'd want to participate in something fun <:?

ID2: I'll see how the game itself works before I settle on that but I'll stick with you at least so long as the others don't slow me down
ID2: Nah my bro would certainly not give a shit about this sort of thing let alone care to play with us if it was just me then maybe but probably not he's super busy all the time off doing who knows what in who cares where
ID2: Maybe he does have time to game but I would imagine he's off building some weird robots or designing big ass machines doing their shit sending drones over here like he even gives half a shit but he doesn't, hopefully he sends one to deliver the package at least
ID2: He doesn't waste his time with things like games and frankly neither should I but whatever it's just another thing to get better at

ID: I'll take it! your alliance with me and in turn to the group i mean! Thank you my guy
ID: Im sorry he wouldn't game with us around tho while honestly he isn't sounding so great, not that i haven't heard about his antics before :/
ID: Glad you don't isolate yourself in your art my guy!!! Your sculptures are grea- errr would be great if you let em come out fully!
ID: I can practically see the masterpieces waiting in their incomplete form!

ID2: No need to feel bad it wasn't anything you should have been expecting to begin with
ID2: I only get rid of the pieces which do not stand up to even the most base level of scrutiny which so far have been all of them, but yes eventually I will form some structure of greatness that will truly stand above all else one day
ID2: But for now we have this game to get started on

ID: oh i suppose you're right, i can't help but feel bad!
ID: oh yes it's a guarantee you'll get there i believe in you my bro : D!!!
ID: ok ok enough encouragement on my end you're right let's cut to the chase!
ID: errr once everyones game is confirmed at least
ID: once you get yours we can begin but in the meantime I'll ask the others what they'll do!
ID: oh! i know i can make a memo!! yeeaaa that'll save time : D!

ID2: Yeah that sounds good I will likely get in contact with some of the others and see how much they're slacking off on the situation some might have received their packages already depending on their location
ID2: I'll probably try to get in contact with my brother and inform him of the shit with the game delivery though I can make no assurances he'll take note or respond

ID: sounds like a plan my man! : D
ID: ill check in with the ones my gut told me werent gonna be gettin their game like they should!
ID: also he better give you that package easy, my dad works hard to be able to send so much stuff all willy nilly!! : P
ID: tho ummm do you think that the memo would a good idea my guy? we can get a little uhhhh unorganized, when all together like that
ID: i mean ill definitely talk to a couple of people individually of course but a memo would get the whole team together! : )

ID2: He had better get me that game hastily or else I'll be forced to sabotage his little projects even more so than normal
ID2: Anyway yes a memo sounds like an excellent idea I suggest you get started on that quickly so we can all talk about it at once instead of resorting to a slow imprecise game of telephone

ID: hell yea he better watch out ID's on the hunt! : D
ID: ok whew that was reassuring thank you my broseph you always know what to say to kick me into gear, ill get right on it
ID: but first uuhhh i should get a handle on MY copy of the games lmao!
ID: ill get on that and then get that memo started, this games gonna be awesome i can feel it!
ID: goodbye and talk to you very soon!!! : )

-- irreverantDeviser [ID] has ceased pestering immaculateDeception [ID2] --
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Re: Tales from Sburbia - A Human Fan Session

Post by Nep » Wed Dec 25, 2019 1:34 pm

==> Sami: Hear the bell.

Just as you wrap up your conversation with FG, the bell seems to ring and the teacher announces the end of the class. He gives your assignments for the week and they'll be due for wednesday. You scribble the homework down to do it later, mostly because if you don't do it. You father and mother will chew you out for being irresponsible like your sister, you don't want to become her however as you take it as serious as possible and yet this class does bore your mind out. Your mind drifts a bit to SBURB. . . and you start pondering if your sister would be angry if you took her copy. Eventually you finish jotting down the assignment and then take the notebook and put it back in your backpack, your classes take place in different classrooms so the walking is a bit tedious, not to mention you are pretty timid so you can't socialize well with others in your school.

==> Sami: Explore your school.

You take your backpack with you and place your phone into your pocket. You walk out of the classroom and enter into the hallway. Multiple people are walking by and the chatter is there. As well plenty of noise, some of the kids speak about the latest game that's coming out today supposedly, others talk about their favorite stuff or things that happened in their life. A realization comes to your mind. It's going to be a really, really long day. . . and the wait is already killing you in a metaphorical way, you just wish you could get home already and talk with your friends! Especially Cole!

You start walking to the direction of your locker so you can prepare for your next class. You also try to remember the schedule for today, you had been so preoccupied with SBURB that it threw you a bit out of the loop. You start pondering if there was something else you forgotten... You feel a chill run behind your spine for a moment as you got a bad feeling...
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Re: Tales from Sburbia - A Human Fan Session

Post by BrobyDDark » Wed Dec 25, 2019 3:07 pm

==>PAUL: Knock some heads

You are now knocking heads. Mobsters go flying from your dynamite punches, knuckle dents now permanently marking their cheeks. Mobsters pile into your sewer home from holes in Fortification A-4, which crumbles like the rotting wood it is once you knock several worthless peons back into it.

That's not to say it's a curb-stomp battle, of course. You take your fair share of beatings from knuckles, clubs, and some otherwise unarmed mobsters whacking you with their loafers. They rush you, knocking you to the ground and attempting to keep you from further wrecking their shit. It almost works, however the sound of a shotgun firing into the ceiling sends them to their feet and off you.

Standing up, wobbly but with fight still in ya, you turn to where Master Lunk is standing by the door leading to his workshop. He's holding a shotgun and looks ready to murder some mobsters.

Turning back to your classy foes, you notice them beginning to flee.

==>Chase them

And so you give chase! Like a guard dog, you growl, shooting off after them through the remains of Fortification A-4. You manage to clip the back of a few mobsters heads as they abscond, sending them tumbling to the ground and rolling outside the sewer entrance. As you're getting ready to fuck-up do some sick parkour flips to catch-up with and knock down the rest, you slip and the rest of them rush off.

==>Obtain loot

With some of the mobsters knocked out, it's not too hard to loot them. You grab their suits, trench-coats, and fedoras- they'll make fine materials for making dolls or doll clothing- and begin to search the pockets. In one of the trench-coats you find two game-cases, marked with a distinct green house...

==>Head inside and put away your findings

With your loot in-hand, you slip back inside the sewer. Fortification A-4 entirely destroyed, Master Lunk begins work on constructing a new, better fortification. Giving your Guardian a nod, you drop the clothes you've stolen onto the materials pile, and slink away to your room...

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Re: Tales from Sburbia - A Human Fan Session

Post by egg » Fri Dec 27, 2019 7:26 am

>Be the lazy guy again.
You are now the lazy guy, which is to say your Jacob again. Currently you're looking for someone to pester, as you're bored with the internet. You see that RR is online. You decide to pester him as you figure that everyone else will just talk about SBURB or generally be an asshole.
Show Pesterlog
-- FauxGene [FG] began pestering rowdyroughouser [RR] --
FG: hay dude
FG: anything new in you epic gangster life
FG: everyone is talking about the SBURB game
FG: but i figured someone as cool as you
FG: would have something else cool to talk about
FG: so lay it on me bud
FG: what's new over in mafia city

RR: i just had to kick the ASS of so many people
RR: dude they were pilin in through the fortifications
RR: i think i have a concussion
RR: FUCK why do billy clubs hurt so much

FG: well Maby if you sleep it of it will hurt less
FG: actually scratch that
FG: i heard sleeping with a concussion is bad
FG: so why were they trying to break in
FG: because you told me that you live in a sewer
FG: is their more than just a sewer
FG: or were you somewhere else
FG: and exactly how many asses did you kick
FG: i need details

RR: like a lot
RR: i think they wanted to raid the workshop

FG: this is literaly the most interesting thing i've heard about all day
RR: if mobsters want in anywhere its usually to steal SHIT or kill someone
RR: maybe theres something in the workshop they want
RR: or they wanted to kill me for being too gangster
RR: who knows man its a mystery

FG: they probably just wanted to kill you becuse their fuckasses
RR: yeah
FG: i mean you make bottleg toys right
FG: your like China but more intresting
FG: so unless your makeing a ton of money from that shit
FG: i don't see why they would want to raid the place

RR: hey even mobsters have kids
RR: maybe they want those dank action figures or some SHIT
RR: or maybe lunk's hidin somethin

FG: maby he has some kind of legendary sword
FG: i mean
FG: his name does sound like link

RR: link is like
RR: the little green dude from zeldor
RR: right???

FG: eyup
FG: and hey
FG: maby he will give you the sword
FG: and then you will go on an epic quest

RR: i dont think i know how to use a sword
FG: i mean
FG: how hard could it be
FG: you just stick em' with the pointy end

RR: SHIT that makes sense
RR: but i dunno
RR: aint really my thing
RR: i prefer just punchin motherFUCKERS

FG: to each their own i guess
FG: hey
FG: did you get roped into that SBURB shit eveyones talking about?

RR: i am down to play it
FG: Hu
RR: one of the mobsters had copies of the game in their coat
RR: prolly a FUCKIN nerd

FG: maby it's a sign
FG: maby you are some sort of legendary hero
FG: maby we all fuckin are

RR: what
FG: and this game is like our quest
FG: but the princess we were trying to save turns out to be a frog

RR: ????
FG: and the real prize was the friends we made along the way or some shit
FG: and then we punch the naraitor for giveing us such a lame ass prize
FG: and we forse him to give us a proper ending

RR: uh
RR: ok

FG: but im just ranting
FG: the guy probably was just some stupid nerd
FG: and im just makein shit up because im bored

RR: oh yeah defo a FUCKIN nerd lmao
RR: im gonna play his copy of the game and he can suck it

FG: disrespect
FG: do it

RR: HELL yeah
FG: he deserves it
RR: yeah
FG: fuck
FG: t-bag his corpse even

RR: what
FG: or not
RR: i mean hes not dead
RR: im not a murderer

FG: oh
RR: SHIT maybe i should move him somewhere so he doesnt like
RR: get eaten by crows or somethin

FG: i guess im drunk
FG: my uncle really needs to hide his shit better

RR: yeah
RR: chill on the drinks bruh them hangovers are no joke.

FG: i guess
FG: it helps my get through the stupid online classes he enrolls me in
FG: the beer itself is to bitter for me

RR: try wine or champagne
RR: that SHIT tasty

FG: and not "bitter like my soul"
FG: im not that edgy
FG: i wish i could
FG: my uncle gives me money to order my own food
FG: but most people won't let me get any alcohol

RR: that sucks man
FG: i know
RR: if i could help i would
RR: beer sucks but wine is great
RR: doesnt get you nearly as drunk but doesnt taste like FUCKIN garbage

FG: who knows
FG: maby i will get some through some bullshit means
FG: like maby Peter pan flys through my window and gives me some
FG: but probably not
FG: Peter pan seams like a big bitch

RR: peter pans a fruitcake
RR: would prolly give you grape juice instead a wine

FG: if anyone from a shity children's book would give me shit it would be that fary
FG: "fary dust" more like Angel dust am i right
FG: or am I stupid

RR: idk what angel dust means but yeah sure
FG: drugs my friend
RR: oh
RR: that SHIT
RR: yeah aight i getcha

FG: so anyway
FG: I wonder when we're actually gona start playing this game

RR: when the others have it prolly
RR: i'll ask around
RR: i know fI's prolly gonna play it

FG: AS told me that their gonna play it
RR: 4 confirmed then
FG: anyways i just thought of some shit to do
FG: so goodbye

FauxGene [FG] stoped pestering rowdyroughouser [RR]
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Re: Tales from Sburbia - A Human Fan Session

Post by Nep » Sat Dec 28, 2019 5:09 pm

==> Sami: Turn around

Why should you turn aro- ...oh. Oh no. Anyone, but them! You see a bunch of the school's popular girls go towards you. They're pretty merciless and won't hesitate to show their scorn to whoever is unfortunate enough to not be in their social circle, but even more unfortunate is that they pick on you more frequently because of your shyness and your size. Also they get their boyfriends to put you into your own locker, which is at least not cramped. You try to be nice everytime and yet it's like being a mouse in front of a bunch of cats.

==> Sami: Try to hide into the crowd.

You try to do so, usually your sister would tell them off and she'd bully you instead. You're not sure if that's better or worse, but family is family and she protects you in a roundabout way from harassment. She studies in this school as well, but frequently she chooses to skip classes which doesn't please your parents and hang out with her friends. Your parents say she's in a rebellious phase and just focus on you instead of her more frequently since you're the smarter out of the two daughters. While you were contemplating all of this you can feel a palm touch against your shoulder.

==> Sami: Don't look back, don't look back.

You can't look away, you're forced to turn around and you see the leader of the girls in front of you with a smirk on her face. Her name is Tina and she's the most beautiful girl in the school. She boasts about her own popularity, naturally. She is a very intimidating person to you. She even makes you do some of her homework. . . seeing as you perform somewhat better than the rest. She begins to speak.

TINA: Good to see you, midget lass.
SAMI: . . .
TINA: What, No hello this time?
TINA: Whatever! It's better that you don't backtalk to me! You're especially unlucky your bitch of a sister isn't around!

SAMI: E-Er...

Tina would simply smack your face harshly as soon as you try to utter a word, merely she likes to make your life in school hell if she spots you. You're not even confident enough to approach the teachers about the situation and you don't really have any friends at school to help you out. You just keep it to yourself, it's simply better that way to treat them nicely and hope they stop being mean one day. You don't hate her, if anything you feel empathy for her and maybe she doesn't know who to trust since she comes from a rich family.

TINA: Don't say a word.
TINA: You're just just going to do as I say.

SAMI: ...
TINA: Good, you're being a good girl. Way too easy to toy, it's no wonder you can't do anything for yourself.
TINA: Now listen up dumbass, I may normally try to mantain a good rep. BUT... people like you really piss me off, not that my good reputation can be tarnished anyway. My father can take care of everything as to even drag your family in the mud if you disobey me.
TINA: Me and the gals are going to play SBURB today and you'll be doing our homework!

SAMI: B-But...
TINA: ... What did I say to you?
SAMI: ... I-I'll do it.
TINA: Good. It'll be due for tomorrow, you better have it ready by then or I'll have my boyfriend do something worse than just shoving you in a locker.

She would push you harshly towards the locker, you wince in pain from colliding with it. Your back does hurt from the collision, especially with the backpack behind you and you land onto the ground a bit. You watch her giggle in a mean way as you frown from the slap and the rudeness she delivered to you, nobody bothers to help you out... Because they're just as intimidated towards her just as you are. She comes from a rich family and her father does anything for her, you don't even recall her getting a detention. You watch her eventually walk away sastified with her friends who were sneering at you earlier, you get up on your own and wipe a tear that just descended from your cheek. You don't need to make a fool out of yourself yet, there's classes around and you'll forget about this.

==> Sami: Get away from them, get to your next classroom.

You proceed to walk to the classroom as you keep trying to get rid of the sadness, maybe you should lie about why you're feeling so down. You get to your chemistry classroom and eventually by then you just succumb to sneaking your phone in the class again, you need to watch something to relax yourself. You need a break, thankfully your parents will allow you plenty of free time in the week from doing last week's homework.
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Re: Tales from Sburbia - A Human Fan Session

Post by Whimsy » Wed Nov 02, 2022 12:48 pm

Does anyone who participated in this even rember this or want to continue this?

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Re: Tales from Sburbia - A Human Fan Session

Post by Nep » Mon Mar 13, 2023 9:52 pm

Whimsy wrote:
Wed Nov 02, 2022 12:48 pm
Does anyone who participated in this even rember this or want to continue this?
I've been waiting for an eterniiiiiiiiiity.
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Re: Tales from Sburbia - A Human Fan Session

Post by Kip » Sat Mar 18, 2023 2:28 am

I mean, if most people here are no longer active, it wouldn't be the worst idea in the world to create a new thread and try and restart things!

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