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Eldritch Chow

Post by Grand Adventure » Tue Nov 10, 2020 12:28 am

Today is Tuesday the 10th, otherwise known as 11/10/20. It is also a young man's birthday. In his room, lies a plethora of interesting items. You can check out his bookshelf-

>Check the bookshelves.

Jenga, you sure are in the mood to have your information here and now, VB-S1. Well, he has a lot of Warriors book(you know, the book series. about the cats. the cat book series where cats hurt each other over stuff that will ultimately not matter when the humans come plowing directly in), Magic Books(we are talking BullShit Sorcery here), and that's a lot of manga and notebooks.

>Anything more?

Too late now. It's time to name the kid. VB-S2, will you do the honor?

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