An Alchemized World

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An Alchemized World

Post by Lightvsdark777 » Thu Jul 02, 2020 12:26 pm


The plot is simple. You have to take a lifeless world and seed it with life alchemized by using the things around you. The 'seed' you make will be the setting stone for a whole planet, which will be unaware of your presence as well as the newly-created wildlife.

You can only use a barren planet for the second part of the alchemization.

Ex: Emergence (177013) && Planet

The entire planet is covered in what looks like white. But on the surface, things are very different. The braided 'trees' seem to be made of two plants, but if you try to separate the trunks, they are actually one. The 'plants' and 'animals' on the planet seem to be made of only the pages of Emergence. If one of the 'plants' or 'animals' is dissected, one can see that there are no organs at all, but layers of pages that grow outwards from the center, like the growth rings of a tree. These pages are very accurate, with minute illustration flaws that can only be viewed through a side-by-side comparison. One of the 'animals' on the planet is a large, quadrupedal organism known as the Sireneers. Sireneers are very simplistic things, having thick, trunk-like legs, no tail, and a hole where the head should be leading through the body and to the rear. The Sireneers are so named due to their loud, trumpet-like calls.


Chairs, cue balls and many other objects float in the endless vacuum of space, drifting away from planets long forgotten. We will send these planets through the forges of alchemy to create new ones. You have been gifted the power to combine objects and organisms.

The original idea for this belongs to dregflurb, not me!

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