Evolution Game #1

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Re: Evolution Game #1

Post by luigi » Thu Aug 06, 2020 9:53 pm

this is the funniest thread ive read on here in a long time so many good lil bois
whose behind all that facial hair? surely it can't be luigi, that guy disappeared a long time ago

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Re: Evolution Game #1

Post by DynimoTnt » Sun Feb 21, 2021 9:22 pm

Its been a bit since the last post in this thread so i've made two to make up a bit for time!
With so many creatures staying near the top hunting, some are bound to look downward for their snacks. These wawe can now go on underwater as long as they want, no oxygen required. But now, they must stay in constant movement with gills to keep breathing. With this they have also evolved longer flagella so that they can hold onto prey and keep on moving, allowing for a quick meal!
With species getting more defensive it's getting harder to hunt. Though through evolution, these Wawe put on a few more flagella, using them to instead hold onto the skin they eat to use a shield and disguise, with this they also put on a more smooth proboscis to easier fit into skin suits. Unsuspecting Krawl looking for a mate, friend or help may feel this Wawe and be fooled by it's disguise, and when they expect it the least they are struck!
Now I don't know if this was too good but I hope it was alright.
I also made this image showing how far everyone has come so far, Hope you enjoy!
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