Pesterquest spoiles bout some mastermind in Hiveswap and such

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Pesterquest spoiles bout some mastermind in Hiveswap and such

Post by thorondraco » Wed Apr 01, 2020 12:51 pm

Okay a a question has been answered in an interesting way.

I have long wondered what was going on with Hiveswap cause we know we need an narrator for a story.

As it turns out its Aysha. Or more correctly, in universe Aysha who is an equivalent to in universe Hussie. Also it seems like in universe hussie got locked into a closet, maybe as a retcon result? This may imply that there is in fact a whole bunch of in universe people trying to take up the slack.

While that would seem lame at first glance, it shows that in universe Aysha is not controlling Dirk here. in fact dirk is fighting against Aysha and likely is rebelling against the other In universe personas and or avatars. And is growing strong enough to fight them.
Her in universe persona seems more regretful when it comes to toying around these lives. She claims to have experimented, and to be clear in terms fo the ultimate self even if erased they would be part of those ultimate selves.... But it seems like the reader was far too powerful.

That makes me wonder about Hiveswap's purpose though even more. Basically in universe aysha is, for some reason, working with doc scratch and creating Hiveswap and she is in active conflict with Dirk. It seems as if in universe they are not the authors of these stories. So what is the exact purpose of hiveswap then?
Pesterquest seemed to have been in part an experiment, and in part things going off the rails a bit before AYsha and Dirk try to make the reader set it right. Course we learn some key facts here. Dirk is at war with the in universe personas. There are in universe personas apparently trying to clean up after hussie's fuckups. The reader however has created a third timeline, a Locked timeline that is isolated from reality like the candy presumably is.
But that would possibly mean the locked timeline resides inside of hte black hole as well now. So it means that timeline still has a part to play.

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