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Re: Headcanon Festival

Post by thorondraco » Thu Nov 21, 2019 10:37 am

Character specific one. The Soleil twins from the friendsims.

The twins have more distinct identities than they let on and desperately try to cling to their unity even as they slowly drift apart and become individuals.

Barzum's normal personality is aggressive, but spends more time in Baizli's body. Baizli is the more subdued and sad one, but spends more time in Barzum's body. They end up going into their original bodies when stressed.

They are meant as an inverse to Cherub duality. Rather than two personalities merging, one consuming the other, it is one personality separating over time.

Baizli's alignment is True Trap and when he grows up he will look very much like a girl, short of being flatchested.

Also to emphasize, Baizli is the male twin.

The twins might have a major part to play in Hiveswap considering they literally got imprisoned inside of a ghost house for god knows how many years.

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