Introducing the current Mod Team

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Introducing the current Mod Team

Post by classpectanon » Tue Nov 19, 2019 3:27 pm

Hello, everyone!

Poweruser applications have gone and past and we have accepted [REDACTED] Powerusers to help monitor the forums.

While we're here, a few individuals have been able to go straight to moderator status, so feel free to congratulate them here or something. This is mostly to make you aware of their existence.

Rosebot is the moderator of the Beyond Canon forum.
Sahxyel is the moderator of the Other MSPA and Hiveswap forums.
Gio is the moderator of the Homestuck forum.
Dream Muttman is the moderator of the Fan Projects and Roleplays forums.

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I'm more easily reached at classpectanon#4228 on Discord. I will respond to reports faster there because PHPBB's notification system is borked and doesn't email me when you report things.

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