MCU in Chronological Order Scene-by-Scene

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MCU in Chronological Order Scene-by-Scene

Post by luigi » Sun Apr 12, 2020 4:56 pm



And since September of last year I've been working on a project called the Infinity Saga TV Show. Basically, I've gone through the mcu (from Iron Man to Endgame) scene-by-scene and put those scenes in chronological order. I realized pretty quickly it would be absurd to just lump them all together in one massive 44 hour video so I've been breaking them up into roughly 40 minute chunks and labeling them as separate episodes.

For example, episode 1 starts off with Bor Vs Dark Elves, then we cut to Odin vs the Frost Giants, etc etc.

This makes for some really cool moments later on like when you see Coulson leave during the events of Iron Man 2 it's only a few scenes later that you see him arrive in New Mexico. Things like Cap going in the ice actually have a lot of impact now because he's just presumed dead for like 15 episodes or something like that. Lots of cool moments when watching it like this. OH like for example there's a storm that Thor creates in his first movie, and the next scene is the Hulk battling on a field when a storm moves over them, how fucking cool is that.

Anyways I'm here to tell you all about it because I really want to show this to people but I'm not too sure how. It's more than 100GB total but each episode is only 4 or 5 so... do you guys know of a way I could distribute my amazing supercut, the best way to watch these movies?
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