Wanted to share my fanfics

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Wanted to share my fanfics

Post by darkenedSwordsman » Sun Nov 01, 2020 11:09 pm

Hey, so for some background me and a friend started doing troll oc rp way back prescratch. Literally just 'what if our two dudes were also on the asteroid during these events' stuff.

Eventually, as Im sure many have, we got tired of waiting for major events to respond to and wrote some cockamaime cobbled together ending pretty much just before the scratch.

Then began a cycle of start new rp but add more oc stuff, end prematurely, repeat and we're on the 4th rewrite. 12 OC trolls, with a few supporting actors who die pre-sgrub. Fully fleshed out personalities, ships, classpects, lands, denizens, weird multiuniverse time bs, the works.

The stories I'm gonna share are...not that story. It's highly wip and since Im not the sole writer I won't share it. However...my friend gets writers block and I get...um...creative constipation? Sure, that works. A backup of wanting to write and not being able to let it out since it's his turn in the story.

As such I went ahead and wrote, entirely solo, an ancestor troll style story for mostly only my half of the sgrub group. And once finished with that, a story of four human kids playing sgrub that really has nothing to do with either troll fic.

The ancestor story is more traditional book style while the human story I tried to capture much more of that homestuck vibe. Hope you guys enjoy. The titles are an in joke, he named our troll doc witty troll title, I named a doc with a table of classpects and lands witty troll table, etc.

Witty Ancestor Title
https://docs.google.com/document/d/1sZ2 ... p=drivesdk

Witty Human Title
https://docs.google.com/document/d/1r-x ... p=drivesdk

As of writing this I am planning out a credits scene kinda thing for the humans, but they are indeed finished with Sburb.

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