Call for help: Tracks referenced in [S] MSPAR: Remember!

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Call for help: Tracks referenced in [S] MSPAR: Remember!

Post by florrie » Fri Apr 03, 2020 8:43 am

I, unfortunately, am on a good day not that great at picking out the tracks referenced in a song. I have no hope against this one.

I've made a video of the song so it's easy to replay; it's not quite a perfect capture so if you want to gather perfect timestamps (def not expected), you should shift probably them back by about a second.

I'm going to be putting the Pesterquest songs onto hsmusic soon and I'd love to fit a reference list for this track!

(Here's James Roach's timestamps...for NORMAL SONG NAME. Alas. Still, it could be a handy reference.)
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